What it’s like to visit Helia House in Miami

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For Elizabeth Trattner, AP, DOM, a physician in Chinese medicine, healing has as much to do with what you do to your body as what you surround yourself with. That’s why she created Helia House, a luxury room dedicated to healing from the outside in.

Da Dr. Trattner was younger, she dealt with chronic illness and allergies. After she finished college, she says she suffered from “an asthma attack so bad that I almost died because I was exposed to a lot of things in the environment that made me sick.” It was this experience that inspired the creation of the Helia House.

“Because of what I was going through, I wanted to create something that wasn’t just green, and it wasn’t [just] non-toxic and it was not just sustainable and it was not just biophilic and it was not avoided. I wanted to put all of these components together to create Healia House – which really is wellness from scratch, “she says.” I wanted to incorporate so many elements of healing that we really do not think about it in our day – today. “

In designing the Helia House, Trattner used environmentalists, Feng Shui masters and other experts to help her create a space filled with good spirits and free of potential irritants such as mold, VOCs and formaldehyde. . The sun-drenched modern home from the middle of the century overflows with greenery to deliver the benefits of biophilia, the concept of experiencing it outdoors indoors.

In his practice, Dr. Trattner traditional healing methods such as crystal healing, acupuncture and gua sha to treat his patients. “I’m an advanced crystal master, so the building has over 1000 crystals in it,” she says. “I focus mostly on women’s health, things like chronic disease, digestive problems and cosmetic acupuncture.”

To the latest section of What Wellness, host Ella Dove, Well + Goods Director of Creative Development, stopped by Helia House to experience all of this on her own. During her visit, she was treated to an acupuncture session with Dr. Trattner, who focused on improving her digestion and sleep quality (while shaping her face). No spoilers – you’ll have to watch the video for them – but the session made her feel completely happy.

“No one sinks you completely into the experience that Dr. Trattner does,” Dove says. “I hope you … have the opportunity to come here and try for yourself, because it really is a unique.”

Tap play on the video above to get an insight into the experience.

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