What does a hyperbaric chamber do? Look and find out

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What does a hyperbaric chamber do? Watch the video to find out.

We know a thing or two about recovery here at Well + Good. We have tried everything from gymnast-led stretching classes to cold compression cuffs. In the latest section of What Wellnessdives host Ella Dove into a hyperbaric chamber for the ultimate recovery.

A hyperbaric chamber is a large tube that looks like a tanning bed, but instead of harmful UV rays, this machine floods your body with oxygen. What does a hyperbaric chamber do? “They accelerate any biochemical healing process,” said Johnathan Leary, PhD, chiropractor and CEO and founder of Remedy Place. “It does not matter whether its accelerated recovery after surgery, recovery after a long battle or a late night on the town, this does it all.”

Remedy Place is a West Hollywood social wellness club dedicated to recovery. In addition to the hyperbaric chamber, the club offers an infrared sauna, a cryotherapy chamber, a meditation room, compression boots, IV drips and movement therapy. Dr. Leary says the hyperbaric chamber is the most powerful tool in their arsenal.

“Saturating the body fully with oxygen, it just helps speed up any biochemical healing process,” he says. “Think of it as every single reaction in the body to maximize recovery just gets improved.”

For the claustrophobic among us, the door is in glass so one can look out. And for people who feel that they may have difficulty breathing in cramped spaces, the chamber “only helps you breathe because you are getting more oxygen,” says Dr. Leary.

Was it weird to get in the chamber or worth it? Watch the video above to hear what Dove has to say. And for more videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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