This do-it-yourself lighting kit makes an easy insulation project

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IIf you’ve already burned your scented candles through right now, it makes sense. These little beacons help us lift our spirits through their aromatherapeutic benefits, or they make us feel sexy when we feel anything but (they do not call it mood lighting for nothing). And now you only have a cemetery of glass jars that you do not know what to line up with. From Diptyque to Dollar Tree and everything in between, your wax has made like Lil ‘Jon and has become low. Well, luckily we have an eco-friendly do-it-yourself candle set to light your fire … literally.

We’re super for this candle set from Siblings right now. Each set comes in a plant-based bag and coconut oil-based wax, helping to solve the problem of perpetually accumulating candle jars. Candle glass is one of those weird things that we don’t quite know if we should recycle; and since glass can take up to one million years to break down in a landfill, the least we can do is try to recycle them.

If this project sounds intimate, do not despair. We are not talking about expert-level candles as if you were in colonial times. The only preparation you need in advance is a vessel, whether it’s something in your candle book or a sweet teacup or a mug you are never going to use.

Remove the wick holder, wick and matches, then heat them in the microwave for three minutes. You pass the wick through the wick holder, place it on top of your tub and pour the melted wax into the tub. After waiting two hours, your wax should be ready to go! Basically, if you can make an Easy Mac, you can probably make a candle (but be a little more careful with the hot wax).

Each bag sells for $ 22, and honestly the combinations all sound amazing. At the top of my love list is fragrance No. 08, with notes of peony, bergamot, honeysuckle and amber – very playful with a mix of flowers and citrus. Fragrance No. 05 sounds like coziness and tranquility at once; it is a warm blend of cloves, vanilla, cedar thyme and soothing lavender. A choice if you want to feel comfortable and turn down your stress level from their constant heights. For something fresh and summery, Scent No. 03 a top note of cucumber underlined by freesia, jasmine, fresh vegetables, lily and melon. And selfishly, I can not dismiss anything with gardenia and lemon, so some fragrance No. 02 also sounds like a heaven in a jar.

In the end, it happily gives you something to do when, let’s face it, you may be in the isolation vortex and desperate to find something new to do at home. Beyond that, it’s a simple, sustainable lifestyle. Right now, it feels like a tough order to mitigate waste when you’re just trying to keep your chin up. But it’s a fun and manageable way to keep the lights on when everything else feels pretty dim … and fTotal take the glass jars in use from candles past.

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