The vegan athletic meal plan for this Dancebody instructor

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Have you ever wondered what a CrossFit champion eats for breakfast? Or how a spin instructor powers himself through several hours a day? Or how an Olympic gymnast snacks? Food Diaries takes you on an inner journey through the healthy eating habits of athletes at the top of their game, because admit it, you’re curious. See more

When it comes to healthy eating, DanceBody trainer Sam Ostwald does not count calories. She does not log her macros or calculate her carbs mentally. In fact, she does not track anything. “I eat when I’m hungry and certainly pamper myself when I feel like it,” she says, the embodiment of an intuitive eater – though she does not explicitly label herself as such. “My main focus is to eat whole foods that I like and that give me the energy I need to teach the best possible classes,” she says.

For Ostwald’s daily routine, energy is a must. On an average day, she will have three classes on her schedule to teach. “DanceBody is the only workout I do,” Ostwald says. “That’s all: a mental release, amazing cardio, toning of the whole body, bomb music …” When she grew up as a dancer, she was always in shape, but DanceBody has made her feel more than that; both athletic and strong. “The combination of pushing myself physically and mentally is the ultimate endorphin level,” she says. “I leave class with a feeling that I can take on anything!”

To boost this routine, Otswald swears by a plant-based diet. “After reading Chew on this in middle school, I decided I could not eat meat anymore, “she says, naming the popular fast food exposure.” In college, I began to realize the huge impact the industry has on the environment, and became fully vegan. ” vegan diet makes her feel best physically, and she sees it as her own little way to make a sustainable difference.

Here, Ostwald describes what an average day of vegan dining looks like for her, breakfast for dessert. Keep reading to see how she burns her body enough to keep her energy up to her high powers.

Keep reading to see what DanceBody instructor Sam Ostwald eats on an average day.

Training plan: 7:30 private session with a client; 9:30 and 10:30: Teaching back-to-back cardio + sculpture group lessons.

dancebody food diary breakfast
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I always have hot water with lemon and turmeric first thing in the morning. Then I make a double cappuccino with oat milk and cinnamon to help me wake up. I prefer to exercise on an empty stomach, but I always drop a Nuun hydration tablet in the water before class for extra energy.

After class, I head over to Bonberi on Bleecker to get my favorite smoothie, which is made with coconut water, spinach, mango, mint, celery and lemon. I also get a cold brew with almond milk.

dancebody food diary lunch
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Preparing meals can be a challenge for me, but I try to pack lunch at least three days a week for DanceBody HQ. Usually the lunch will be a salad made with quinoa, arugula, roasted chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, half an avocado and Trader Joe’s Green Goddess dressing. It’s basic but delicious.

After lunch I take my last coffee of the day (I swear!): Cold brew with macadamia milk from Cha Cha Matcha.

dancebody food diary snack
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At some point between lunch and dinner, I like to have a little snack. My go-to is hummus and Mary’s Gone Crackers organic biscuits. That hit of protein is typically enough to keep me going until noon.

dancebody food diary dinner
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I like to enjoy a glass of wine – or two – every night while I make dinner. A hearty dinner is a must for me. On this day, I made Banza chickpea pasta with toasted broccoli and homemade pesto. All I use to make the pesto is a handful of basil, pine nuts, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper. That is it! I topped my pasta with nutritional yeast and red chili flakes for flavor.

dancebody food diary dessert
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I always love to end my day with something a little sweet. My go-to dessert right now is Trader Joe’s crunch almond butter, which I eat right out of the jar with a spoon. I have it every night!

Dance cardio is not only good for you physically, it also gives your brain a boost. And here’s what it’s like to do three dance cardio hours in a row (gulp).

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