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Bras are considered one of the most significant accessories in your quest for femininity; from sports bras to the first molded bras, to very sexy push-up bras… Bras have always been with you at every stage of your life.

The question of whether or not your bra is harmful to your health may seem like a ridiculous concept, but it’s a topic that has been discussed in health communities lately.

According to research, there are several health risks caused by bras not providing the proper support and needs. Complications take into account the obstructed breathingthem back painthe restricted blood circulationthe muscle fatigue and even the irritable bowel syndrome.


The link between wearing bras and painful, embarrassing, and non-malignant diseases of the breast (fibrocystic disease), as well as malignant breast cancer, was barely mentioned until the book Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer & Bras by researchers Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer was released in 1995.

5,000 women were interviewed and it was discovered that women who wore bras for 12 hours or more a day significantly increased breast cancer risk compared to women who wore bras for less time.

Dr. Gregory Heigh, from Florida, found that more than 90% of women with fibrocystic breast disease see improvement when they stop wearing their bra. (source below).

The link between breast tumors – benign or malignant – and bras makes sense when you consider the lymphatic drainage problems caused by wearing bras too often. The lymphatic system, which includes lymph nodes in the breasts, requires the body to move to clear the buildup of toxic waste from the lymph nodes. Bouncing on a trampoline helps improve lymphatic drainage.

Not only the movements of the breasts are inhibited by the bra for which does not allow the lymph nodes drain, but the really tight underwires and wraps of bras constrict the breasts and restrict lymph flow.

If a doctor in Florida observed 90% cure of fibrocystic breast disorders just from not wearing a bra or wearing it for less time, and many other women have testified to positive results on their bra abstinence.


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Other research has shown that sports and fashion bras can cause breathing difficulties because they are designed to hold the breasts in place and tighten the ribs more than normal. It can also lead to circulatory problems and digestive complications due to the intense pressure exerted on the diaphragm.

Wearing sports bras and fashion bras for a short time seems like a good thing, but keeping them on more often than necessary can be a hassle.

When buying a bra, choose a soft, padded material to give you adequate support. Make sure the straps are comfortable and that they do not penetrate your skin, as this may cause skin problems.

If your breasts protrude over the top of the bra or the sides, go up a cup size – nothing wrong with that! Most importantly, make sure the band around your rib cage is a comfortable and healthy size.

Most health problems associated with ill-fitting bra involve bras that are too tight around the diaphragm, so take this step seriously!

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most lingerie store employees are trained to fit women of all shapes and sizes and want to make sure you walk away with the right bra!

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