The Amazing Benefits of Activated Charcoal – Beauty and Hygiene

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Why and how to use activated carbon?

Are you ready to experience the tremendous health benefits of activated charcoal? I’m not talking about the charcoal you use in your barbecue for grilling which is full of toxic ingredients! Activated charcoal has been used since 1500 BC to help all types of ailments. Even the ancients knew about the amazing health benefits of activated charcoal.

One of its most amazing properties is that it detoxes the body by trapping chemicals, toxins and poisons. It is used in hospital emergencies for patients who have had an overdose of a drug! This substance has a strong detoxification power!

How does activated charcoal work?

Activated charcoal traps toxins in its tiny pores so they can be safely eliminated from the body as they travel down through the gastrointestinal tract. Charcoal is “activated” when it is reduced to a tiny particle size, which increases the surface area and therefore its absorption capacity. The porous surface has a negative electrical charge which positively charges the toxins that stick to it.

Rather than absorbing poisons and toxins, activated charcoal creates a chemical process called adsorption. Adsorption is the chemical reaction in the body when toxins bind to a surface, such as activated carbon. Absorption is the body’s reaction when chemicals, toxins and even nutrients are absorbed and assimilated into the blood.

This means that activated charcoal has the ability to attract toxic substances and chemicals from the body so that they do not enter the bloodstream at all. When our body absorbs toxins, they accumulate and cause disease and poison us.

The Health Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Against poisoning

Activated charcoal is used worldwide to treat both accidental and intentional poisoning from prescription and non-prescription drugs, as well as heavy metals. It has been found effective in treating opium poisoning, cocaine, morphine, pesticides, mercury, bleach, fertilizers, aspirin, acetaminophen, and most organic compounds.

NOTE : It is essential to call your local poison control center (see below) if you or someone in your family is poisoned, as an accurate dose of activated charcoal is imperative for recovery. Also, always have activated charcoal in your pharmacy.

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Cleans the digestive tract

Due to the heavy load of toxins we carry in our modern age, it is important that we cleanse our digestive tract to maintain optimal health. Even those of us who work hard at removing toxins from our homes are still surrounded by toxins in our daily environments. Activated charcoal eliminates poisons in the digestive tract that cause oxidation, allergies, and poor immune health. Detoxifying your digestive tract can improve mental function, improve energy levels, and relieve joint pain.

Reduces high cholesterol

In medical studies, activated charcoal has been proven effective in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) while raising good cholesterol (HDL), as much as many medications. In one study, over four weeks, participants saw a total decrease in their cholesterol levels of 25%, their LDL levels decreased by 41% and HDL increased by 8%!

Eliminates mold

Did you know that mold can live and grow in your body? Well, it can, and it is bad for your health! Anyone who has come into contact with mold should consider adding activated charcoal to their health care. Toxic molds can cause things like decreased brain function, heart disease, headaches, reduced immune function, respiratory disease, depression, and kidney and liver disease.

Whitens teeth

This natural substance as black as it may be can even help to make teeth whiter! For can add it to your homemade toothpaste as it removes stains resulting from the consumption of foods and beverages such as tea, wine, coffee and berries.

Trick : brush your teeth with activated charcoal when you are in the shower, as it can seriously dirty your sink. I always use it in the shower and it washes out right away!

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Helps reduce gas and bloating

As activated charcoal can trap gases and liquid toxins, it is effective in reducing gas caused by foods, such as beans. You can even take it an hour before a meal that would cause you stomach discomfort and then after eating to bandage all the gas-causing chemicals. It can also be used to treat food poisoning.

Reduces skin irritation

Against an insect bite, for example, add activated charcoal to coconut oil and rub on the sting or bite. It reduces redness and swelling by rapidly flushing poisons from the insect. It can even be used to treat dangerous snake and spider bites.

However, if you have a severe allergic reaction to bee stings, do not use activated charcoal. Follow your doctor’s recommendations.

Fights aging

Activated charcoal is also useful against premature aging by detoxifying the body of chemicals that cause cell damage and oxidation that contributes to the aging process. Flushing out these toxins benefits all of your organs, including the kidney and liver, and helps keep your adrenal glands healthy, which naturally improves energy levels.

Cleans tap water

If you’re not already doing so, you really should consider using an activated carbon filtration system for your water! Activated carbon traps all sorts of nasty stuff found in tap water, like pesticides, industrial waste, solvents, and even some fluorides! There is no shortage of activated carbon water filtration systems on the market.

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Detox your skin

There are mild soaps with activated carbon. Washing your face with activated charcoal soap removes excess oil, dirt, and makeup that most cleansers leave behind. It even clears acne and pimples! It reduces the size of your pores, removes the buildup of chemicals that cause premature aging


Activated charcoal has a high absorption capacity which can reduce the effectiveness of certain medications. Consult a physician before taking activated charcoal capsules with other medications.


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