The 7 best garden shears, according to the gardener

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These ambidextress garden shears are recommended by master gardener Kim B., founder of the website Black Homesteader. “They’re good for people who are left-handed – like me – and easy to clean,” she says.

Aimee Sue Dunlap, a master gardener in St. Louis, MO, is another fan of Fiskars’ affordable tools. “For scissors and cutters, I generally use Fiskars,” she says. “I’ve never had to replace any of them.”

These pruners are designed to cut green, vibrant growth (up to 5/8 inches) while providing an ergonomic, comfortable grip for both right-handers and left-handers. They have a non-stick blade coating for smooth cutting and rust resistance, an angled cutting head to reduce wrist fatigue and a self-cleaning juicer (eg five times fast). Fiskars offers a full lifetime warranty.

– Advantage: Affordable, can be used by both right- and left-handed,

– Disadvantages: Not multifunctional.

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