Take a look inside the Nike Innovation Lab

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Tthe ethos behind Nike’s innovation is simple: Never accept the status quo. In the more than 50 years since the brand’s inception, it has pushed the boundaries of the sports world to develop products that stimulate every athlete – whether they are an Olympic sprinter or a weekend jersey – to perform their best.

In the last few years, the brand has brought us innovation galore: the sneaker that helped Eliud Kipchoge break history’s first two-hour marathon, the brand’s first hands-free training shoe ever, and the first sports bras ever included in a World Cup set . Time and time again, Nike’s products have set the industry standard for what is possible, and it all starts at the Nike Sports Research Lab in Portland, Oregon.

In the latest section of What Wellness, Ella Dove, Well + Goods Director of Creative Development, visited Nike HQ to find out what really goes into making some of the brand’s latest and greatest technology. And – spoiler alert – the answer is: a lot. The lab is equipped with technology to gather holistic information about athletes, ranging from their running pace to their motivation, and this information is then used to help inform about the products they develop.

“We use science as our tool to objectively understand each athlete, regardless of their background and abilities, to help them reach their potential and be more motivated and ultimately positively influence human behavior,” said Matthew Nurse, VP of Nike Sport Research Lab. “It allows us to understand athletes’ performance, behavior, risk of injury, and we use that information to create better products and services, not just for Nike, but for the athletes we serve.”

To see what goes into the equipment loved by both professional athletes and weekend warriors – and why Nike continues to be the best of the best in the world of sportswear – check out the video above.

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