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A simple and economical way to remove yellow sweat stains from your clothes.

If you’ve ever thrown away a shirt because of yellow underarm sweat stains, there’s a simple and effective solution that can make your clothes look like new again! With this recipe, say goodbye to yellow spots under the armpits.

The yellow patches of perspirationoccur when the aluminum of your deodorant (or antiperspirant) combine with the salt of your sweat. The spots are notoriously difficult to remove with normal washing in the washing machine.

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Using three shirts, we tested a quick recipeeasy and cheap way to remove yellow underarm stains, and look at the results, they are simply stunning!

underarm sweat stain tip
Before / After: The fabric has regained its original whiteness

Simple and effective recipe against yellow sweat spots under the armpits

Here’s what you need:

  • 3% hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide)
  • Dish soap
  • Baking soda
  • Toothbrush
yellow halos of sweat on a t-shirt the solution
Test 2: Before-After. No more yellow halos, magical isn’t it?

Removing Yellow Sweat Stains From Your Clothes: The Method

After mixing and applying the ingredients directly to the shirt, use an old toothbrush to work them in for a minute, then let the shirt soak for at least 2 hours before putting it in the washing machine.

We didn’t use precise measurements, but we recommend doing a pre-test on a small area.

trick to remove sweat stains from under arms
Test 3: No more yellow sweat stains on a gray t-shirt

This solution worked like magic on white and colored or patterned shirtsbut always test on a small, non-visible area of ​​the fabric.

Why does sweating cause yellow spots under the arms?

Unsightly yellow sweat stains are a common and vexing problem. Sweating primarily serves to cool your body as sweat evaporates from the surface of your skin. Your body sweats in response to high ambient temperature, exercise, certain foods, and emotional or sexual arousal. Sweat is normally colorlessbut can take on a color yellowish because of’interaction with bacteria or chemicals on the surface of your skin or your clothes. A rare disease called chromhidrosis causes a colored perspirationwhich can be yellow, green, blue, or another shade.

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trick to remove a yellow sweat stain on a shirt

When you notice yellow sweat stains on a shirt, most often in the armpits, you can assume that it is due to yellow sweat. But this is rarely the case. Yellow sweat stains usually occur due to a chemical reaction between colorless sweat and the chemicals in your deodorant or antiperspirant – especially aluminum. The breakdown of fats and proteins in sweat by the bacteria and the mushrooms normally present on your skin that transfer to your clothes can also contribute to the formation of sweat stains.

Steps you can take to reduce the appearance of those dreaded yellow underarm spots include: wash your clothes as soon as possible after wearing — do not apply excess antiperspirant or deodorant — allow your antiperspirant or deodorant to dry before putting on your shirt — switch to an aluminum-free deodorant.

How to prevent haloed yellow spots under the armpits?

To prevent stains in the first place, try wear loose clothing to limit chafingof course, But if you wear close-fitting shirts or T-shirts, make sure your deodorant is dry before getting dressed and do not use too much product. An alternative would be to use alum stone Where this aluminum-free natural deodorant which by the way will be less harmful to your health.

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