Remedy Place is just one of the fantastic sites in LA

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Los Angeles is packed with opportunities to tense your wellness muscles and learn more about the art of living a good life: You have the environmental benefit of boosting heat and sun, healthy eating, and the seemingly endless fitness options to explore. But sometimes, even if you are interested in learning more about the art of living a good life and doing it with joy, the vast abundance of these opportunities can be overwhelming.

It is therefore in the latest section of What wellness, Well + Good producer Ella Dove breaks down the wellness hot spots that you must not miss in West Hollywood to give you a kind of cheat sheet. And if you’re looking for wellness under one roof, she’s covered you with a location on Sunset Boulevard that has everything you could imagine to help stabilize your mind and body balance: Remedy Place.

Remedy Place is a true Disneyland of innovative healing treatments. A few sophisticated methods worth trying? Well, the place that names itself as a social wellness club offers cryotherapy, a compression lounge for lymphatic drainage, hyperbaric chambers and more so you can really choose how you want your Zen to be.

Social wellness club Remedy Place offers cryotherapy, a compression lounge for lymphatic drainage, hyperbaric chambers and more.

“Life is stressful and we can not remove all stress on our body, so it is our job to counteract it every stress we put on the body, and to bring your body back into balance, “says Jonathan Leary, MD concierge wellness physician and founder and CEO of Remedy Place.

When you have finished rejuvenating with any number of the services offered, you can stroll to the Remedy Places bar to enjoy some vitamin-infused mocktails. And after that? Dove has lots of suggestions to add to your to-do list. Whether you want to slip past the best shop to have some light-yellow leisure, get your HIIT on at the most beloved workout in LA, grab a quick coffee and chia seed pudding, or relax away from the city in a magnificent park, West Hollywood thinks to have it all. Watch the full video to see which places are on the must-visit list.

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