Peloton’s Ally Love shares her eating and exercise plan

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Have you ever wondered what a CrossFit champion eats for breakfast? Or how a spin instructor powers himself through several hours a day? Or how an Olympic gymnast snacks? Food Diaries takes you on an inner journey through the healthy eating habits of athletes at the top of their game, because admit it, you’re curious. See more

If you’ve ever taken a Peloton ride with director Ally Love, you know that her energy and positivity radiate directly through the screen. But do not let that smile fool you – these are her classes hard. In addition to going through every class she teaches, Love is also a Brooklyn Nets host, ambassador for BodyArmor and founder and CEO of Love Squad – and she says the pandemic has not slowed her down a bit.

How the hell does she do it all? Part of it comes from getting up early – really early. The day we talked, Love started his day at 4:45 p.m. “I’m a morning person and I wake up really early. And I never hit snooze,” she says. Of course, a big part of being able to wake up early and not move through your day is completely exhausted, giving the body proper nutrition. On an average day, Love leads a Peloton ride and also has her own workout with a trainer.

“Since I can not meet with my trainer right now, I have actually done a lot of Peloton training at home,” she says. “I was not a home rider before the pandemic. I did not have my own bike because it kind of felt like taking work home. But now I have one and love taking classes with everyone else, including the recovery classes.”

Here, Love tells what an average day of eating (and hydrating) looks like for her. Keep reading to check it out and see how she stays so energetic.

Keep reading to see what Peloton instructor Ally Love eats on an average day.

Ally loves breakfast
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Love says she’s never been a coffee person, but she likes to start her day with a hot cup of matcha. “Most of the time I have no caffeinated beverages at all, but during the pandemic, I started making matcha and it has become a special part of my morning routine,” she says. “I like the little routine of getting up and doing something.” She also likes to sip hot water with lemon in the morning.

For breakfast, Love makes a bowl of oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins. “I grew up eating oatmeal. That was what my mother used to make for me, and it just hangs with me,” she says. Because she eats breakfast before class, Love says she adds another bev to her morning routine: a whole bottle of BodyArmor SportWater. “It’s so important to hydrate before a workout, not just during and after it,” she says.

allies love snack
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Love says she definitely gets an appetite for teaching classes, so she snacks on the trail mix to get some fuel after the workout and make it to lunch. “I prefer to make my own trail mix than buy granola bars because I have noticed that many granola bars have a high sugar content,” she says. Another of her favorite snacks in the middle of the morning is fruit. “Right now, I’m really into Sumo oranges. They’s seriously so juicy and the best oranges I’ve ever tasted,” she says. “I also store the peels, boil them on the stove and then have the hot water as a vitamin C-rich tea.”

Love says she has another bottle of BodyArmor SportWater with her snack as another part of her workout recovery. Her snack also serves as fuel before workouts, as Love says she typically does her own workouts before lunch.

allies love lunch
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After two workouts, you can bet that Love is definitely ready for lunch. “One of my favorite lunches is a great Greek salad with greens, tuna, feta cheese and olives,” she says. Not only is it delicious, but she says the salt in tuna and olives helps rebuild her body after sweating a ton while exercising. “This is definitely the breakfast I have most often.”

Curry chicken
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Love says she and her boyfriend like to make dinner together, which works well because they have different culinary strengths. “He’s better at cooking meat than I am,” Love says. “He makes the best steak ever.” Something they both enjoy making and eating together is chicken curry. “He’s a Trinidadian and I’m from Miami, so it’s very much ingrained in our cultures,” she says. In addition to chicken, they make their curry with solid root vegetables like potatoes and carrots.

While Love says she loves a good cocktail or a glass of wine if she goes out for dinner, the quiet nights at home mean she typically drinks water for dinner. “I take a glass of wine if we have a special date night, but if it’s a normal work night, I just have water for dinner,” she says.

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“I’m a giant dessert person,” Love says. One of her favorite candies: donuts. “It doesn’t even have to be a fancy donut. I just love a simple, glazed donut every day,” she says. Nor is she one to say no to a slice of pie. “I love a slice of apple, blueberry or rhubarb pie heated with a small scoop of vanilla ice cream on top,” she says. Although donuts and pie are not an everyday experience for her, she says she enjoys every bite when she has it.

“I am a big supporter of enjoying everything in moderation,” she says. “Especially when I live in New York City, which has such a great food culture, I love trying new things. Nutrition is important to me, but so is enjoying myself.”

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