MMA fighter diet lent by UFC champion Maycee Barber

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Have you ever wondered what a CrossFit champion eats for breakfast? Or how a spin instructor powers himself through several hours a day? Or how an Olympic gymnast snacks? Food Diaries takes you on an inner journey through the healthy eating habits of athletes at the top of their game, because admit it, you’re curious. See more

Mixed martial arts artist Maycee Barber – who is currently No. 10 on the UFC women’s flyweight rankings – knows on her own that you can not get into a ring that is only half driven by a fight. Not giving your body the fuel it needs is a major weakness in MMA, and it is one she works closely with her trainers to ensure she avoids.

“After I got a contract with the UFC, they did all these metabolic tests to make a meal plan for me, which they collaborated with Trifecta to make,” Barber says. Based on her results, she says she avoids soy and dairy products and eats a diet high in protein, healthy fats and lots of high-fiber vegetables. Her unique MMA fighter diet has helped her achieve some great victories – and hand out some pretty impressive features in the ring:

“I’ve really gotten into the science behind what’s best to eat because that’s it so important [for my job]”says Barber.” I have made meal plans in the past where I have not felt well at all, I felt sick and tired all the time, but eating this way makes me feel energetic and also keeps my immune system strong, “she says. Here she explains what an average day of eating – and exercising – looks like for her.

Keep reading to see what UFC star Maycee Barber eats on a typical day to stay in fighting mode.

Training plan: 9: 30-10: 30: wrestling; 13.30-14.30: team training; 15-16: recovery period and cryotherapy; 18-19: padwork (where you train form and speed by hitting soft pads on someone’s hands); 20.00: easy run or whirlpool (depending on the day’s training intensity)

maycee barber breakfast
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“All my meals are a kind of combination of protein and vegetables – including breakfast,” says Barber. “I really love eggs, so it’s something I have a lot in the morning, often with a side of broccoli or another high-fiber vegetable. I like to drink coffee, but I wait until after my morning workout to get it. throughout the day I also make sure to stay hydrated really important. I drink water before, during and after all my training. “

maycee barber breakfast
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“There’s a connector close to me that I love, so I got there a lot for lunch,” she says. “I make a barley-yourself bowl, and add ahi tuna and lots of greens. I also add coriander, cucumber and red onion. The sauce I like to put on top is lime juice based. I love this lunch because it is super healthy, really delicious and gives me the stamina I need to push through my next workout. “

maycee barber dinner
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“Dinner is … yep, more protein and vegetables! One of my go-to dinners is salmon and vegetables,” she says. “It has protein, healthy fats and of course lots of fiber – everything I know my body needs to feel good. I actually do not. love the taste of salmon, but I love the way it makes me feel. As you can see, I eat a lot of fish and vegetables; it’s pretty much the core of my diet. I’m just trying to find ways to keep it mixed up and keep it interesting. “

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