Make your own toilet water

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Ah, eau de toilette, not really a perfume, but so pleasant to use… just after washing! For a little fragrant breeze on the body that subtly follows you everywhere.

This sensation of freshness is irresistible, as if you had rubbed yourself with flowers…, offers you to make your own toilet waters. You will see it is easy and so pleasant.

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5 Eau de Toilette Recipes

Here are 5 eau de toilette recipes you can make yourself. These floral waters will delight you with their subtle and fresh touch.

1. Eau de Portugal (fragrant toilet water)

Leave to infuse 60 g of orange tree essence in 1 liter of eau-de-vie at 36°, for 6 weeks, if possible in the sun. Filter. Add 5 g of bergamot or neroli (essence of orange blossom) and 10 g of honey.

2. Water from the Queen of Hungary

This queen, who lived a very long time ago, used and abused it, which allowed her, it is said, to preserve an eternal youth and thus to seduce a prince much younger than her!

You need 1 liter of wine spirit, 400 g of rosemary flowers, 100 g of marjoram and as much lavender. Leave to infuse in the sun for 8 days then filter and bottle. This water has digestive and antispasmodic properties when you put a few drops in a half glass of sugar water. It can also be used for firming frictions on the body.

3. Cologne

The most famous and widespread eau de toilette is the aptly named Eau de Cologne. If you prepare it yourself, you will get a perfumed water that you will not find in commercial waters.

Recipe 1

  • You need 1 liter of alcohol at 32°,
  • 100 drops of lavender essence,
  • 24 drops of neroli (orange blossom) essence,
  • 15 drops of clove essence,
  • 32 drops of lemon essence,
  • 2 drops of cinnamon essence,
  • 7 drops of rosemary essence,
  • 33 drops of bergamot essence,
  • 94 drops of Carmelite lemon balm water.

Mix everything, let stand, then filter.

Recipe 2

  • You need 1 liter of alcohol at 32°,
  • 1 drop of musk,
  • 5 drops of amber essence,
  • 16 drops of bergamot essence,
  • 16 drops of rosemary essence,
  • 1 drop of neroli (see above),
  • 1 drop of citron essence,
  • 2 drops of lemon essence
  • and 200 drops of Carmelite lemon balm water.

Mix well. Leave to infuse for a week then filter and bottle.

These recipes date from the 19e century and it is not always easy to find certain ingredients today. You can buy musk and amber in all the shops selling oriental perfumes. For citron and neroli, contact your pharmacist (who will be able to prepare your cologne for you).

4. Make your own rose water

Why not make your own rose wateryou will be sure of its composition and you will have the guarantee of 100% natural rose water.

  • Throw 100 g of fresh rose petals into 1 sterilized glass jar
  • Add 250 ml of spring water and 2 tbsp. vodka
  • Stir gently with a stainless steel spoon
  • Add 10 drops of rose scented oil
  • Close tightly and store for 1 week, stirring occasionally in a cool place
  • Filter with 1 paper filter to remove the petals
  • Put in hermetically resealable glass bottle, label.

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Water and health

5. Lemon balm water: recipe

It is reputed to be stomachic, tonic and vulnerary.

  • Cut 750 g of fresh lemon balm flowers,
  • 125 g of lemon zest.
  • Crush 60 g of cinnamon bark, and as many cloves and nutmeg,
  • 30 g coriander seeds,
  • 30 g of dried angelica leaves.


  • Macerate everything in 4 liters of alcohol at 90°

and distill in a bain-marie to remove all the spirit part (recipe adapted from the “Domestic Encyclopedia” published by Fayard in 1875). As the quantities are quite considerable, it will suffice to divide them by 4 to obtain less gigantic proportions!

rose water recipe

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