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13 Acupressure Points for Weight Loss, Reduce Bloating and Improve Metabolism Efficiency

Can you lose weight with acupuncture? Acupressure has long been proven to heal and provide relief. Weight loss is one of the sources of exhaustion in today’s world. Many people feel depressed and experience immense stress because of this. Always present in the mind and without convincing results, the stress during the weight loss process increases day by day.

In this area, acupuncture works like magic and is far less tiring than long, painful workouts (careful, I didn’t say stop daily exercise!). Apply pressure to the energy meridian points of the body which expel excess heat and humidity and activate better circulation promoting weight loss. These squeezes also strengthen your digestive system and help control your appetite.

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Most specific acupressure points for weight loss

The following points will allow you to improve the digestive function, by treating the digestion process more quickly, the food remains less long in the intestines and the toxins are better evacuated, if you have bloating they will disappear as if by magic. Weight loss also occurs with increased metabolic efficiency and reduced stress.

lose weight with acupressure

weight loss acupressure

How to proceed ?

You must start by massaging these areas and then the practice of acupressure is done as follows: make a long slow inspiration and, while exhaling slowly, apply pressure with your thumb all the time of the expiration. Repeat 5 times on each point, several times during the day.

Always work in symmetry, when treating one point, always treat its twin point on the other side, this will increase the possibilities of weight loss. It is important to drink plenty of hot water after the massage, to help flush out the toxic substances in our body.

These acupressure points also act on the reduction of stress, the improvement of digestion, the optimization of metabolism, important elements for losing weight quickly. Practicing acupressure on a daily basis will give you very good results. The pressure points shown are main acupressure points for weight loss, there are others related to all the parasitic problems preventing weight loss, but these are the most important. If you can find a particular point on one side of your body, you need to find the same pressure point and massage it on the other side. This will increase the possibilities of losing weight.

This weight loss program focuses on self-massages which will aid the function of the digestive system by decreasing food cravings, achieving a balanced appetite and increasing body awareness.

Attention : If you have a serious or life-threatening illness, such as heart disease or cancer, consult your doctor before practicing acupressure.

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