Learn how perfume is made with Dedcool’s founder

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MMost of us do not think so much about our perfumes other than that they make us smell good. But by the time our signature scents reach our pressure points, they have undergone one seriously scientific formulation process that would give your high-school AP chemistry knowledge a chance for the money. In the latest section of What Wellness, Ella Dove, Well + Goods director of creative development, gets the inside scoop on exactly how it’s done.

In the video, Dove goes behind the scenes at the Dedcool factory in Los Angeles, where she learns about what it takes to make a fragrance. The brand, which is responsible for some of our editors’ favorite fragrances (and even converted a beauty editor into a “fragrance person” after a single snuff), prides itself on being sustainable and non-toxic – meaning its wording process is completely unique.

“We do not use any water … and it does not dilute the scent, which creates a long-lasting wear, while being resourceful and sustainable,” says the brand’s founder, Carina Chaz. “We create scents based on essential oils, but you can’t really get complex scents from essential oils, so we created a nature-identical scent.” This, she explains, happens by extracting plant hormones, which are then used to develop scents like vegan musk.

There is a lot that goes into creating the scents we spray ourselves with on a daily basis, and it is as much a science as it is an art. To see how it happens, check out the video above and treat yourself to a brand new signature fragrance from Dedcool.

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