I tried biohacking fitness and here’s what it entails

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Have you ever wondered what biohacking your workout looks like? Check it out here.

If there was a gym in one Star wars movies, it would likely include biohacking fitness technology and out-of-this-world weight training machines that use artificial intelligence. That sounds incredibly futuristic, right? Except it’s actually existing right now and it’s in Beverly Hills.

Upgrade Labs, a wellness center for biohacking your body, is the latest fitness phenomenon that our very own Ella Dove is checking out in the Well + Goods YouTube series What Wellness. The idea behind the body-boosting hotbox is that it uses really high-tech machines that help you get the most out of your workout in as short a time as possible. I talk for 12 minutes on a machine that replaces one week strength training and 21 minutes on another, which equates to two hours of cardio. Did you get your attention?

The technology is personalized for your body and tailored to you at the cellular level for a workout that gives you just what you need in an instant. Doves sweat begins with an extension, boosted by an infrared light that gets the body nice and warm. Next, she spins on an AI-enhanced spin bike, knocks out her strength training for the week with some push and resistance training, and undergoes cold compression HIIT (you will have to watch it to understand it). “I feel like James Bond,” Dove says in the middle of her workout, which pretty much sums up how she looks in the lab.

She finishes the workout in about 40 minutes, but because this was not a usual workout regimen, it replaces her need to sweat the rest of the week. Is it actually worth it to go all out in personal, maximum effort on futuristic machines as your favorite training modality? Does biohacking your fitness routine really work? You will need to watch it to see what is happening and be sure to subscribe What Wellness to see what the next is. It only gets weirder.

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