‘I got the red carpet from Joanna Vargas’

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EBeauty expert and leading skin care expert Joanna Vargas knows a thing or two about achieving a camera-ready glow as she has prepared stars like Mandy Moore and Mindy Kaling for many a red carpet appearance. In fact, her expertise is so beloved among the celebrities of the awards season that one of the facials she offers at her New York City salon, Supernova Facial, has even been nicknamed “the red carpet facial.” On this week’s episode of What WellnessWell + Good Director of Creative Development Ella Dove visits Vargas’ salon to experience the coveted treatment – and also chat with the esthetician about her best skin tips for maintenance at home.

“My philosophy is to keep it simple,” Vargas says. “You do not need 50 steps in your routine to achieve a certain result. You only need to follow the basics.” What exactly does that mean? Always cleanse your face before bedtime, use sunscreen every day and use retinol at night. “Whether you are struggling with acne or breakouts, or if you are worried about losing elasticity or uneven pigment, retinol is a kind of magic solution,” she says.

Although she also recommends a monthly facial if you can swing it (she is an esthetician), there is also an important piece of skin care support that she says only you can give yourself – and that is a regular dose of face-loving confirmation .

“Take a minute off every night while washing your face and think of a good thing you did today or a good thing that you love about yourself.” —Joanna Vargas, Celebrity Aesthetist

“I think a lot of people spend a lot of mirror time disabling themselves or criticizing themselves,” she says. “And if you can spend a minute of every night washing your face and think of a good thing you did today, or a good thing you love about yourself, it can really change the way you look. on yourself on. when you look in the mirror. And that’s something I could never do for you. “

What Vargas could do for Dove, however, was offered the famous hour-long red carpet facial. It starts with exfoliation using a rod with a diamond tip, and then moves through a rose water wash, several coats of moisturizing and plumping masks, a microcurrent treatment, cryotherapy and more. But while the various elements of the service are certainly glow-inducing in themselves, Dove says it felt like the treatment went a step further, thanks to Vargas’ special touch.

“I’ve been doing facials for 20 years,” she says, “and I never stopped enjoying it, because in the end, I really think it builds confidence in people. If you can figure out the riddle of their skin “They will go away and feel better. And what’s better than that?” she says.

Her focus on feel-good (and not just look-good) finishes is what took the facial over the top for Dove – and it’s also something you can confirm for yourself at home. “I think how you feel affects how you look more than anything else, just from how you are able to love yourself,” Dove says.

To hear more of Joanna Vargas’ best skin (and self) care tips, tap play in the video above.

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