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Here are some ingredients to know to get rid of pimples and blackheads on the back. Back acne is easy to treat, but you still need to know the right remedies!

Keeping skin clean and healthy takes time, perseverance and effort. To treat pimples and blackheads on the back, dermatologists often recommend expensive products that often take a long time to see the first results. However, there are natural remedies that can help you eliminate pimples and blackheads on your back easily and permanently.

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If you have unsightly blackheads on your back or your pores often close, giving free rein to pimples to develop, here are some completely natural and tested recipes to eliminate blackheads (and therefore pimples) from your back.

The best natural remedies for pimples and blackheads on the back

Corn flour and egg white against blackheads on the back

Make a mixture of corn flour and egg white and apply the mixture obtained on your back. Leave the poultice for half an hour or wait for it to dry completely. Then shower with lukewarm water and gently massage your back (or get help). This way you cleanse your back of impurities.

Lemon juice and rose water treatment

Lemon juice combined with rose water is yet another great tool to fight back comedones. Make a mixture, using equal parts of both ingredients and apply it on your back. Leave on for about 30 minutes, then wash off. Repeat this procedure two weeks in a row on a daily basis.

A lemon juice and cinnamon peel

A mixture of lemon juice and cinnamon can also help you get rid of blackheads on your back. You will have clear results with this remedyafter two weeks of regular use as a back peel.

A radical treatment with lemon juice and turmeric

naturally treat pimples and blackheads on the back
Turmeric to cure pimples on the back

This remedy is intended for shock treatments. If you have large pimples swollen with pus on the back, this is the one you need. Mix equal parts lemon juice and turmeric. Apply this mixture to your pimples on the back, once a day for 1 week, before taking a good shower. Turmeric is a bit difficult to wash off as it stains the skin slightly. Make sure you don’t make your applications too close to the visible parts that you could see during the day (neck, wrist, etc.).

Important : Always use organic spices, in fact, the spices found on the market (even if “it” gets rid of itself, everyone will have understood), are full of preservatives and flavor enhancers that it it is better to avoid getting on the skin… Or elsewhere.

You will notice clear results after these various treatments. One word, be patient, you won’t regret it!

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