How to Recreate Martha Stewart’s Wall Plates

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Wwhen you have been in quarantine for several months, you really have to be creative to find fun things to do in your home. May I recommend that you channel your inner Martha Stewart? The queen of perfecting the art of living well has worked on as many housing organization and interior design projects as you could imagine in the last six months.

On Thursday, Stewart released a new CBD series of fruity oils and gums, which she says is the perfect relaxing after-dinner treat. But one of her other favorite methods of self-care is to do it yourself all and everything. While she has undertaken countless home projects since quarantine began, one of her favorites is the plate wall she made in one of the dining rooms. It’s something simple, everyone can replicate, no matter how much do-it-yourself experience they have.

“We’ve hung all these delicious plates on the walls,” she tells Well + Good. “Instead of storing beautiful pottery like this in a cupboard for maybe one formal dinner a year – if you dare eat of them, as each plate used to be very expensive! – why not hang them on the wall like a work of art?” This frees up space in your closet for things you might use every day, she says, keeping you even more organized.

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Photo: Stocksy / Maja Topcagic

If you do not have a set of beautiful plates to hang on the wall, it is really easy to find some that are worthy of exhibiting in your home. While thrift with plates is always a fun and affordable option, you can also find beautiful vintage or ceramic pieces online. Take Etsy, for example, where there is an endless amount of unique options sent directly to your door. Once you have found enough, simply order some wall hangers and hooks ($ 15 for 12) that will protect your plates and make it easy to attach them to the wall.

However, this is not the only thing Stewart has been doing since the quarantine started. Aside from her DIY projects, she also said she has been training more. She has upgraded her home gymnastics to compensate for the lack of personal training during the pandemic. Her latest additions include a vibrating Power Plate (“It increases your circulation, relaxes you and helps with soreness,” she says); a Tonal (“really amazing”); and even The BD Methods “butt-blaster” machine. “I ride too. Riding is for me one of the most relaxing things on earth,” she says. “You’re out in nature yourself. I can ride a few miles on my own property and I enjoy it immensely.”

Between her nightly CBD routine, do-it-yourself projects and fitness routine, my new goal for the rest of the quarantine is to be a little bit more like Martha. Where do you buy a horse now?

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