How to bring the spring mood into your home this season

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Ttake a look through your window. Now take a look around your home. Do the flowers, the fresh air and the general spring moods fit outside your indoor setup?

If the answer is no, and your room is still filled with peppermint candles, cozy blankets and winter mugs while it blooms outdoors with bright flowers and fresh air, it’s time to invite some of these spring moods indoors. (Who else feels like they’re in a rom-com the second they smell freshly cut grass in the sunshine?)

However, this does not mean that you have to fill up with flower bouquets. There are plenty of small but creative ways to introduce the feel-good mood of the season into your home that does not involve eight dozen tulips.

Anything but flowers for spring? Now, it is actually groundbreaking.

First, Caldrea® Linen and Room Sprays and other household products can subtly fill your home with unique, fresh-scented scents that extend far beyond your typical flowers. (Anything besides flowers for spring? Now it is actually groundbreaking.)

To start gathering more inspo, use your morning or afternoon walks to embrace nature (and all the inner smiles that come with letting fresh air into your life), and keep scrolling down for more tips, you can use to bring to life your living room, bedroom, or whatever room needs a seasonal pick-me-up.

Keep reading for 3 ways you can spread the spring mood in your own home.

Change your scents

In the colder months, you lean on warm, soothing scents to act as a blanket of coziness over your room. But at this time of year, replace cinnamon and pumpkin with fresh, crunchy scents. Caldrea’s candles, soaps and more evoke spring vibes through essential oils and other carefully selected ingredients.

From basil blue sage to lavender cedar leaves and rosewater driftwood, there is no shortage of scents to choose from. Plus, not a single one falls into the basic spring flower category. (You’re way too sophisticated for that now.)

Get artistic

Art can be scary, especially when trying to find the perfect piece to place on the wall in your bedroom. But to start a fun do-it-yourself project and at the same time add some life to your bedroom, try creating your own masterpiece – with a splash of your spring color of your choice.

Take your favorite memory, a beautiful picture or maybe something you saw on your recent trip in the spring weather and try to recreate it through canvas and paint. Not an artist? There is pretty much a tutorial for any kind of art on the internet, and remember: This is living in your bedroom, so abstract can mean what you want it to mean.

Give your pillows a pop

You would be shocked at how much small pieces of accent contribute the aesthetics of a room. (Do not believe us? Try to take them all out and see how much the mood in the room changes.)

To subtly but effectively add a few touches of spring, replace any muted pillows with bright colored pillows. To go even further, choose a color that matches your signature scent.

For example, if you choose Caldrea® Tangelo Palm Frond Linen and Room Spray in your living room, add some tangelo-colored (it’s orange if you do not know your citrus) pillows to your sofa. There is no denying it: Spring has officially arrived – indoors.

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