East River Pilates is just one of many great places in Williamsburg

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Ready to plan your wellness-rich Williamsburg itinerary? Watch the video for inspo.

There is not much Well + Good video producer and host Ella Dove has not tried in the name of wellness (horse yoga, anyone?) So of course we tend to trust her opinions on what is worth trying and what is strange – no matter where we are or what we are considering trying. That’s exactly why we’re taking you on a new adventure: What the Wellness: Travel guides, where Dove visits her go-to wellness destinations in her favorite cities and neighborhoods across the country, highlighting her favorite healthy locations. In this opening edition, we tour four locations in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which might as well be called “Wellnessburg.” A stop along the way? East River Pilates.

Even if you’ve never been to Williamsburg, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of East River Pilates founder Kimmy Kellum and strengthened and toned your body thanks to her tough Coach of the Month club set. If possible, though, it’s worth taking a trip past the IRL outpost in East River Pilates to get an hour. And not just because it offers a range of options for its reform classes (such as springboard classes and private sessions), but because, as Dove points out, it promotes such an inclusive and uplifting community.

“Every time I go in here, I just feel a rush of good energy,” Dove says. “I just think it’s a really fun place to … torture myself in a pilates class.”

The good kind of torture, for sure. As an added bonus, Dove’s three other wellness sites in Williamsburg are within walking distance of East River Pilates. Seriously, we’re talking about a “will still be below your daily pace” level of closeness. The other three selections (revealed on the map below), maximize relaxation in different ways: through a cozy-forward hotel experience, take a dip in a unique bathhouse oasis that helps you “shut up the stress in the streets of New York” and enjoy on -the-go bone broth and avocado toast.

So, seriously, do yourself a favor and watch for yourself the video to see how you get a thoroughly rejuvenating time in Williamsburg.

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