Chemotherapy + Hair loss: Natural remedies – Beauty and hygiene

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Slow and reduce chemotherapy-related hair loss

Undergoing chemotherapy is already a difficult ordeal in itself, the body weakens and its immune system becomes fragile. The whole organism is turned upside down. In addition, during this period, morale inevitably takes a hit, especially when the first physical signs begin to become visible. Hair loss is one of the unpleasant side effects.

Also there are Chinese natural remedies that use plants and acupressure to help the body regeneratehere we have grouped together those that reduce the impact of chemo on hair loss, they can slow it down, or even reverse it in certain people or certain types of cancer.

Chinese herbs to “stop” hair loss after chemotherapy

Chinese herbs have been used for centuries alone or in combination with other alternative therapies like acupuncture, acupressure and Ayurveda to prevent hair loss, regrow hair and restore natural pigment to hair that has gone gray .

Certain herbs help the body regain its balance. They improve blood circulation to the scalp. The key to limiting hair loss and promoting regrowth. These natural treatments for chemo-related hair loss can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months or more, depending on the severity of the problem, how long the condition persists, and the responsiveness of the individual being treated.

Listed below are some of the best hair loss prevention treatments using Chinese herbs. A herbal specialist should be consulted for additional information on how to prepare a tonic.

1. The best herbal remedy to prevent hair from falling out is Fo-Ti,

Also known as He Shou Wu, or by its Latin name, Polygonum multiflorum. This plant has shown its effectiveness for hundreds of years, not only to help restore hair, but also to combat gray hair. It strengthens hair, improves blood circulation and reverses the aging process of cells throughout the body.

chemo hair loss remedies
The Mushroom of Immortality (Chinese Medicine)

2. Ganoderma lucidum or Reishi

It is known in traditional Chinese medicine to improve kidney energy which affects blood flow. This herbal cure is well known in China as a remedy for immune disorders and helps protect against aging. In China, Reishi is so well respected, it has been called the ” mushroom of immortality. »

3. Ligustrum lucidum or Nu Shen Zi improves scalp circulation

She and is considered Yin, a kidney and liver tonic. In China, this herb is said to prolong life and act on the immune system as a blood tonic helping in hair restoration and prevention of hair loss.

4. Schisandra chinensis or Wu Wei Zin

It is a well-known herbal tonic used to enhance beauty and as a remedy for baldness. It is one of the most widely used natural hair regrowth treatments, improving the quality of the skin on the scalp and on the rest of the body.

Acupressure to combat hair loss after chemotherapy

Below is the list of acupressure points for hair loss after chemotherapy. You don’t have to use all of these points. Using just one or two of them each time you have a free hand can be effective. (look at the graphs below to locate the acupressure points).

GV20 – Bai Hui – Chinese Name: 百會

  • Location : center of the upper part of the skull, vertical to the highest part of the ears. Cross the midline of the body until you feel a slight dip.
  • Additional Benefits : headache on top of head, dizziness, insomnia, poor memory, hot flashes, epilepsy, mental disorders, good for memory and concentration, ringing in the ears, blurred vision, stuffy nose, low energy.

Acupressure point K10 – Yin Gu – Chinese Name: 陰谷

  • Location : When the knee is flexed, the point is on the medial side of the depression encountered.
  • Advantages : impotence, hernia, uterine bleeding, pain in the knee, mental disorders, and hair loss.

acupressure points chemotherapy hair loss

Acupressure point LV5 – Li Gou – Chinese Name: 蠡溝

  • Location : 7 finger width above the tip of the medial malleolus on the medial edge of the tibia.
  • Advantages : environmental toxicity chronic fatigue syndrome, immune deficiency disorders, irregular menstruation, fibromyalgia, dysuria, low energy, urinary retention, side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Acupressure point UB40 – Wei Zhong – Chinese name: 委 中

  • Location : middle of the transverse fold of the popliteal fossa, between the tendons of the biceps femoris muscle and the muscle tendonus.
  • Advantages : lower back pain, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, viral infection, bacterial infection, arthritis, fever, hair loss, eyebrow loss, pain in the lower limbs, sciatic neuralgia.

hair loss and chemo: acupressure remedies

It is important to drink plenty of hot water after the massage, to help flush toxic substances from our body.

CAUTION: You should consult a healthcare professional before practicing acupressure or using Chinese herbs or other supplementation programs.

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