Caitlin Dechelle Diet: The vegan food that this stunt actress loves

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As a stuntwoman, Caitlin Dechelle must be ready to put her body through, yes, pretty much everything, from fist fights to waving a sword while doing backflips. (She was stunt double for both Gal Gadot in wonder Woman and Daisy Ridley ind Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of SkywalkerNBD.) “For example, you need to be able to be thrown into a wall and not get hurt,” she says.

Before starting her career as a stuntwoman, Dechelle practiced martial arts. “My grandfather put me in a self-defense class when I was six years old, and after that I tried martial arts and was really sucked in,” she says. Dechelle competed in the martial arts world until she was 24 (she is 30 now), and when she then heard about stunt work, she decided to give it a try.

To be ready for something, Dechelle shifts a lot up in her training. In addition to HIIT and cardio, she also stays active through dancing, boxing and sword fighting. “My workout is different every day,” she says. “Most of the time you will find me in the gym, where I do a mix of strength training and cardio. I love the treadmill and the stair step. But sometimes I take a yoga class or a dance class instead of going to the gym.”

During the pandemic, Dechelle has trained more outside, as the gyms have been closed – like most film and TV productions. “Even with the pandemic, I still have to stay in shape, because you just never know when the phone will ring and I will get a job,” she says.

With a job and an exercise program that is so physically demanding, it is important to give your body proper nutrition. Dechelle has been following a vegan diet for the past year and a half and committing to it after she found out eating plant-based helped alleviate some digestive problems she was experiencing. For her personally, this is the eating plan that she says makes her feel most energetic and generally better.

Keep reading to see what stunt actress Caitlin Dechelle eats on an average day.

caitlin dechelle diet breakfast oatmeal
Photo: Caitlin Dechelle; Art: W + G Creative


“I could eat oatmeal every single day,” Dechelle says, adding that she also starts her day with a cup of coffee. To add more protein to her bowl, she likes to sprinkle a ball of Openfit protein powder in, which is 100 percent vegan. (Dechelle is also an ambassador for the brand, which she says she likes because they offer fitness plans as well as nutrition tips.) “Between the fiber from the oats, the protein from the powder and some fruit I put upstairs, this breakfast keeps me full all the way until the afternoon, ”she says.

caitlin dechelle diet lunch vegan grilled cheese
Photo: Caitlin Dechelle; Art: W + G Creative


For lunch, Dechelle loves to make a grilled cheese sandwich with tomatoes. “For me, this is heaven. It reminds me of being a kid, and my dad makes this lunch for me,” she says. “A lot of people are not aware that there are so many good vegan cheese brands out there.” (A solid ingredient in her refrigerator is Daiya.) Dechelle says she also uses vegan butter when making her grilled cheese, to give the bread the perfectly toasted, buttery flavor without using animal products.

Watch the video below to see a registered dietitian rank five of the vegan cheese brands on the market in terms of nutrition:

plant-based meatballs with yellow rice and salad
Photo: Caitlin Dechelle; Art: W + G Creative


When it comes to meat substitute products, Dechelle says she’s a big fan of Beyond Meat. “I buy their ground beef, sausages, steaks …” she says. A typical dinner for her is Beyond Meat meatballs (as she does herself) with yellow rice and greens. “I like this meal because it has a good balance of protein, fiber and vegetables. It’s the formula I try to follow for my meals as best I can.”

caitlin dechelle dessert
Photo: Getty Images / Eskay Lim / EyeEm; Art: W + G Creative


Dechelle says she has a big sweet tooth, so most nights she wants dessert before going to bed. “I’m a big fan of Ben & Jerry’s milk – free ice cream,” she says. “And Oreos too! They’re vegan!”

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