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“Fat burner” recipe: With just 2 ingredients? A godsend for melting belly fat easily… Try it now!

If you are a bit overweight, then this recipe is one of the best solutions for you: Due to today’s hectic pace of life, poor diet and lack of exercise which have become major culprits of gaining excess pounds.

People with high fat levels usually have fat deposits that appear as yellow rings around the upper eyelids or other parts of the body.

When this disease progresses, the arteries thicken, not to mention other risk factors (such as smoking, alcohol, nicotine), and therefore, lead to cardiovascular disease, which is the main cause of death. in the whole world.
If you have high levels of blood fats, this recipe will surely help you burn them as it has helped countless other people.


  • 3 dried figs
  • 200ml cider vinegar


  • Prepare the remedy at night and drink in the morning.
  • Take three dried figs, prick them with a toothpick on all sides
  • Then put them in a glass jar with the apple cider vinegar.
  • Let them marinate overnight

fat burning tips


  • In the morning, eat the figs
  • Don’t throw away the rest of the apple cider vinegar right away, keep it to make the same mixture all over again.
  • The mixture will be good for 7 days.
  • Add another 2 dl of apple cider vinegar on the eighth day and repeat the procedure for another week.
  • The procedure to get rid of fat and have a visible result lasts around 14 days depending on the person.

And you? What are your tips for burning fat? Have you tried this recipe? Did it work for you? Do not hesitate to comment !

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