15 plant-themed furnishings to bring your home to life

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Nwe are all good at keeping plants alive. If you love see of plants but do not want any of the responsibility, plant-themed decor is the best way to keep it green around the house.

You can decorate your entire house, room by room, with affordable plant-themed decor from Society6. The online art platform features botanical art, photos, textiles and illustrations from more than 30,000 artists across the globe. From phone covers to furniture, shop for plant-themed decor (it doesn’t matter if you forget to water it).

It’s hard to pick favorites (especially when Society6 offers a 20 percent discount), but here are 15 beautiful pieces that will bring a little of the outdoors into your home.

Liven up every room in your home with plant-themed decor

Living room

Soft Shapes Cushion – $ 21.00

This is for fans of geometric minimalism. Designed by City Art, a small cushion lights up any living room with its warm color palette, while the simple wine pattern is just plant enough without going overboard.

Herbarium vintage inspired art botanical poster – $ 16.00

Love the look of a vintage botanical poster? This smart poster by Iz Ptica has beautiful illustrations of wild vegetables, such as ferns and ginger leaves. Hang it over your seating area for a statement piece, or put it together with a plant-themed gallery wall.

Abstract Art Tropical Leaves Poster – $ 11.00

Decorate your coffee table with a set of tropical leaf pieces designed by ThingDesign. If you are a fan of simplicity and are not so sure about bold prints, coasters are an easy way to experiment with color and pattern. They are so beautiful that your guests actually want to will have to use coasters.


Mid-Century Nature Print Serving Tray – $ 32.00

Who says plant-themed decoration should be green? Add a splash of color with this fun, summery serving tray. Designed by Modern Tropical, it’s perfect for serving cocktails on the patio for your next summer soiree. Or leave it on a bar cart with some vintage barware for a sophisticated look.

Vase 2 cutting board – $ 19.00

Serve your charcuterie items on this lively wooden cutting board. Each board is made of a lightweight, durable birch that will withstand cutting and chopping over time. Leave it on the kitchen table or hang it in its circular cutout at the top.

Minimal Abstract Art Monstera Wine Chiller – $ 41.00

This wine cooler is without a doubt the most important piece on this list and it is made of dishwasher safe stainless steel. It promises to keep your wine cool for hours. With the simple, linear design, you can leave it long after the party is over.


Monstera Minimal yellow duvet – $ 96.00

Another piece for the minimalist who does not want to Too much plant. This lightweight duvet is made of lightweight polyester and lined with a fluffy polyfill for maximum comfort while you sleep. Pair with some chic pillow shams and buttery sheets and you will never get out of bed.

Summer Fern Framed Art Print – $ 123.00

If the light in your bedroom is not ideal for the real thing, then “plant” a statement piece with this large watercolor fern print. Each frame is built from environmentally friendly and sustainably extracted wood, available in three different colors: dark walnut, warm pecan and a light, natural wood. It will look great in any bedroom.

Eucalyptus Watercolor Sheer Curtain – $ 77.00

Decorate your windows with the eucalyptus’ beautiful, earthy look. These flax-like window panes let in just the right amount of light, making it easy to set the mood. Available as a single panel or in a set of two.


Watercolor Leaves Shower Curtain – $ 52.00

Light up your bathroom with a beautiful shower curtain. Each panel is hookless and extra long for maximum coverage. Match it with some sage green bath mats and fluffy towels, or experiment with free colors, like a earthy terracotta or creamy beige.

Clementine Sprigs Bath Mat – $ 24.00

This adorable bath mat is another great option if you want a splash of color. Step out on its soft, fluffy memory foam after a hot shower or hot tub. And don’t worry about slipping: Each mat comes with a non-slip backing to hold it in place.


Minimal Plant 6-weight – $ 23.00

Perfect for counting down the minutes to happy hour. These classic watches work like clockwork and art, making them easy to hang alone or in a gallery wall. Available in a classic black, modern white or a natural wood.

Wildflower in the Garden Acrylic Tray – $ 36.00

Do you need a place to store all your belongings? Get organized with this durable acrylic tray. Whether it is for storing mail, keeping stationary or just for decor, this is an easy and useful piece to have on hand.

Magnolia Wood Wall Art – $ 120.00

We promise that this magnolia-printed wood art is much better than a motivational quote. Available in three sizes, this multi-panel art is easy to hang and customize to your liking. Need some ideas? Get creative by playing with the negative space or arranging them completely around another piece.

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