11 IKEA hacks that make you feel like Joanna Gaines

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Your home is your sanctuary – it should make you feel safe, secure and, at least in some places, unsupervised – which means it’s worth the investment. Still, spending thousands and thousands of dollars on home decor can trigger your financial demons, which in turn can turn your safe space into a serious source of anxiety. You certainly do not want your new cozy bed to remind you of credit card debt. (Hi, insomnia!)

However, you do not have to spend a lot of money to build your dream home, and shopping in the budget category does not have to mean that your place looks like it did the first year of college. A little creativity is all you need to take your favorite budget finds – from IKEA, of course – from meh to yay! Below you will find 11 deadly hacks that will turn the IKEA pieces you have tried to bury under dirt and Trader Joe’s bouquets into something to show off.

1. Replace the sofa

When it comes to IKEA furniture, the purchase is often in the details … as in, this is where the cheap ones come out. So replacing the little things can make a huge difference in aesthetics. Example: You can replace the legs that come with the IKEA sofa, e.g. The Karlstad sofa, with legs that have a more exclusive feeling or just better suits the atmosphere of your home. I found solid opportunities on Etsy.

2. Go crazy with gold (or copper) spray paint.

* Literally * everything at IKEA looks 10 times more expensive once you have taken a cheap bottle of spray paint to the details. To immediately elevate the appearance of ordinary shelving, line e.g. these Ekby Bjarnum shelf fittings in the metallic shade of your choice. The inside of a pendant lamp is also a great place for a similar subtle paint. Or make the bottom of an office chair, like this new blush-colored piece, pop with a little paint. The possibilities here are virtually endless, and this hack costs under $ 10 and usually takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Disguise your cheap closets with this cheap trick

Do you know the small holes found on the inside of IKEA cabinets and bookshelves, the ones that allow you to raise or remove the shelves? They are basically an advertisement for the price of the piece, which means they give away that it is an out-of-the-box, mass-produced, budget-friendly item. Because they have thought of everything, IKEA would like to help you hide them – the Swedish retailer actually sells hole fillers (it may not be a real noun, but whatever) for $ 2 per. 100 pieces.

4. Add some jazz hands to basic drawers by replacing the hardware

The knobs, pulls and handles on IKEA drawers are dull AF and you can easily add interest to chests of drawers, bedside tables, etc. by replacing them. Anthropologie and Etsy are great places to start shopping for hardware with flair, though you may also want to tear through flea market stalls.

5. Make your Billy bookcase built-in

This is popular online, perhaps because the Billy bookcase is IKEA’s best-selling piece. It’s not as easy as adding removable wallpaper or screwing in new drawer pulls, but it will save you tons of money. * All * you need to do is add crown molding, baseboards and trim between the cases. Easy … adjacent.

6. Give tired tables a temporary facelift

Before you throw out the generic white IKEA table you’ve hoarded since college, consider this super-simple and affordable hack to make it new again: temporary wallpaper. This quick and easy design trick also works for dresser drawer fronts, open cupboard shelves, bookshelves, stroller layers and just about any flat surface.

7. Bench the boring

Do you need more seating? Try adding a tufted pillow top to this plain jane Vittso nest table or throw a leather pillow on top of this simple Stockholm bench.

8. Add a cobbled mirror wall to your home gym

I’ve been saving these little IKEA mirrors since college for reasons I can not explain. If you also have a few pieces lying around, it is a kind of ingenious need for them, as well as an easy way to save big on a mirror that is large enough to cover an entire wall.

9. Store your yoga mat in style

The Ekby Lerberg bracket (and the shelves it is intended to support) can also belong in your gym – here it is used to show a yoga mat or two.

10. Buy your light fixtures from the countertop section

This incredible do-it-yourselfer uses an insanely inexpensive mixing bowl to create a candlestick that sounds like infinitely more expensive than the actual sum of the parts. (Yes, you read that right: this fixture is made from a bowl over $ 10.)

Turn an indefinable storage unit into a midcentury statement piece

This is without a doubt my favorite IKEA hack, though it is one of the more complex DIYs on this list. The bragging rights that this will give you are similar to those you are entitled to when a Forever21 or thrift store find receives a compliment, but in this case you have not only put your imagination but also hard work into this cheap-to -chic transformation.

If you not only want to upgrade your IKEA finds, but also to revitalize your home more generally, here are 10 small adjustments that can totally transform a space. Plus, here’s how to throw thrift store finds into the mix.

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