10 best garden shoes for women and men in 2022

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Gardening boosts your mental health, gets you outdoors for the much-needed vitamin D and can even save you money if you learn to grow your own vegetables. But it is definitely a messy hobby. You will probably soon find that a pair of old sneakers does not keep your feet dry if you accidentally blow yourself up with the hose while watering your plants, and therefore the best bet is for a pair of sturdy garden shoes, specially designed to handle the dung.

While some people prefer the protection of garden gloves, and others are more than OK with some dirt under their nails, no one likes to have wet, cold feet. (Depending on where you live, occasional gardening in cold weather can be a fact.) So no matter what phase you are in – upgrading from caring for houseplants and giving it a go outside, or transforming your garden with your green thumb — garden shoes is an important part of your equipment.

Garden shoes come in different styles: slip-ons, clogs and both short and high boots. They are also available in lots of prints and designs, especially flowers (no surprise there!) And animals. So if your typical work and weekend shoes are pretty stable, here’s your chance to get lost (no puns). Most garden shoes are designed to be comfortable outside the garden – for example, walking your dog or doing errands. However, some of them perform better as “regular shoes” than others.

Whether you are planting seeds, pruning shrubs or just pulling weeds (one of the most smelly activities ever, IMO), these garden shoes will keep your feet comfortable, clean and dry.

Best garden shoes for women

muck boots

Muck Boots Muckster Ll Rubber Garden Shoes For Women – $ 95.00

The list of these garden shoe features is long: A triple-reinforced toe and quadruple-reinforced heel, a breathable lining, a shock-absorbing insole, an outsole with high traction, a pull loop on the back and a comfort rating ranging from sub-freezing temperatures to 65 degrees. The shoes are waterproof, lightweight and self-insulating, and they can adapt to the shape of your feet for comfort. In addition to the green in the picture, they come in black and a black / pink combo. (You also have the right to feel fancy while wearing these – even if you are covered in dirt – because they are “the only garden footwear approved by the Royal Horticultural Society.”)

A happy customer raved: “I’ve been gardening for 50 years and these are the best garden shoes I’ve ever had.”

Western Chief Garden Clog – $ 40.00

Western Chief, a family-owned company based in the Pacific Northwest, has been around since 1891 and specializes in rain boots and work boots as well as sandals and slippers. This is one of their clog styles, and it comes in this happy daisy print as well as two other flowers, two dotted patterns, a cute water jug ​​design, solid black with a light blue sole and best of all (depending on how you feel about chickens). ), a bright yellow pair with a hen on one shoe and three eggs on the other. They are available in sizes 6-11.

A happy customer wrote: “I have problems with arches and was not sure they would work. I am so happy. Not only do they fit, they are comfortable and support my feet. A pleasure to walk around the house and in my good grip on wet floors and soil. “

Best waterproof garden shoes

hunter garden shoes

HUNTER Women’s Garden Clogs – $ 95.00

Hunter may be famous for its high rain boots, but the footwear brand also makes high-quality garden shoes, like this garden clog. (It looks pretty stylish for a shoe that is meant to get really dirty, right?) These handmade shoes are made of waterproof vegan rubber and have a padded footbed. A quick introduction to Hunter if you are not familiar: The company was founded in 1856 in Scotland (a country very familiar with rain!) And it is still based there today. These garden shoes should last a long time, but when you are ready for your next pair, you can send them to Hunter (postage) to be recycled.

One reviewer shared this great praise: “I have finally found a favorite pair! These are definitely the best garden shoes I have ever bought! They are very comfortable and have good support, are easy to slip on and are also extremely well made.”

Smith & Hawken Garden Clogs – $ 25.00

Smith & Hawken was a well-known garden company with a good reputation, which was acquired by Target about a decade ago. Their garden shoes include these clogs as well as high boots and ankle boots; these are the most affordable of the three and are available in gray and dark green. They are made of rubber and leather and are easy to put on with the pull tab on the back.

A gardener said: “These are really comfortable to wear when working outside. They do not look like they would be, but believe me they are. They fit perfectly so they are right in size. They are made really good and strong so they hold up really well. Also love the color. “

Best garden shoes for arch support

Sloggers rain and garden shoes – $ 30.00

Sloggers was created in 1997 and is made in the USA. The brand is known for their fun, colorful designs that include several floral motifs as well as prints with chickens and other pets. The shoes, which are available in sizes 6-11, are vegan and made from 100% recyclable materials. (Send them a worn pair for recycling, and you’ll get a $ 5 coupon.) The waterproof, comfortable shoes have a strong traction tread and an insole that can be taken out for cleaning. To clean the shoes, simply wipe or spray them off.

An avid gardener recounted: “I can not believe what I have missed all these years! I work in my flower beds and yard several days a week all year round. After putting on and taking off, tying and loosening sneakers more times during the day I have finally found the answer to this madness. SLOGGERS! “

Best garden boots

Crocs Jaunt Shorty Boot for Women – $ 45.00

Love them or hate them, Crocs are certainly known for their comfort, and many gardeners are fans of these lightweight, waterproof rain boots. They are padded for comfort and are easy to put on (thanks to the traction holes), and the soles have good traction. They are available in black and navy blue and are easy to clean.

A reviewer in Virginia remarked, “I put them on before I go out to water my plants. If they get dirty, they rinse off so easily! I like them better than regular shoes because they get a little up on my ankles. It’s possible to get a snake bite in our area, so a little protection is nice! ” (Well, that’s definitely a good reason to wear a boot instead of something lower!)

Best slip-on garden shoes

Easy Spirit Martha Stewart Collection Tgarden – $ 42.00

Since “Martha Stewart” basically translates to “expert gardener” and “Easy Spirit” means “really comfortable shoes”, these limited edition garden shoes have an excellent resume. The shoes are waterproof, breathable and non-slip, and they are made of EVA, so they provide something instead of being inflexible, uncomfortable clogs. The shoes are very easy to clean and are made to be comfortable enough to walk in (beyond the garden). They are available in solid colors as well as a few small floral prints.

A happy gardener wrote: “Love these shoes. A bit like dressing up to go out in the mud etc. LOL. Actually really beautiful, fit like Easy Spirits should and I feel like I will have many years of use of these. “

JBU Gwen Have-ready shoes – $ 28.00

These waterproof duck-style garden shoes have a brushed vegan suede edge and rubber upper in four colors, including two beautiful, subtle flowers. They have memory foam insoles for comfort and non-slip rubber outsoles for safety, and they are available in sizes 6-11. If you have “problem feet”, here is something that can sell you on these: These shoes received the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance to promote good foot health!

One of the many 5-star reviews – actually more than 1,000 – reads: “I was looking for a while for a garden shoe that would be waterproof but not a whole boot that would make my feet warm in the summer. These are AMAZING … This is a sturdy, waterproof quality shoe and I can not wait to get them dirty! “

SaphiRose Unisex Garden Shoes – $ 31.00

These garden shoes are waterproof thanks to their neoprene and rubber upper and they have a breathable lining. The loop on the back helps to make them easy to put on, and the top has some stretch that makes them easy to take off. Note that these shoes are unisex, so it is probably best to choose a size by measuring your foot and using the included size chart. The shoes are available in four colors.

Many reviewers noted that these work really well for walking your dog in wet grass, and gardeners are also big fans of these shoes. One remarked: “Finally, I have dry toes working in my garden. They are very comfortable and not stiff. I like them so much that I bought a different color and smaller so I do not have to wear socks. Perfect . “

Best garden shoes for men

Muckster ll ankle-high rubber garden boots for men – $ 110.00

These waterproof garden shoes for men have a lot to offer: a breathable lining that directs sweat away (and has odor control), a rubber sole with high traction and a comfort rating that ranges from temperatures below freezing to 65 degrees. The neoprene material provides comfort and heat retention, and the pull tab on the back makes the boots easy to put on. They are available in green, black and brown.

One of the more than 3,000 reviewers who gave these boots five starts shared: “Best boots for all kinds of weather / rain / garden / mud! Both my wife and I have these boots and we use them for everything that involves dirt / mud / water. By far the most comfortable weather rubber boot. ” Another reviewer mentioned that these boots are comfortable enough to wear all day at work, so they are absolutely multitaskers!

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